A Day of Discovering

Nothing like a fun afternoon spent at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum and a sweet treat after!

Stepping into The Discovery was like bringing out the inner kid in me.  Taking me back to years ago when I last visited while on a field trip in elementary school.  That warm feeling asking myself, “Where do I start?” and wondering if I would remember any of it.  I got to be a kid again and explore the whole place.

My first stop was an under the stars-type of experience.  It was so cool to view and learn more about space.

Next stop was this large room with everything to do with the human body.  I learned more about hair and skin cells. And put my hand into this special glove to see all the veins.  So interesting all this anatomy.  Even heard a heartbeat the entire time in there.  This was a very fascinating room!

A few other interesting exhibits I checked out were the life size dinosaur bones and an interactive waterway mimicking the flow pattern of the Truckee River.  I also watched some kids climb the layered clouds, but I was a hint too tall to try.  I especially liked the mining room and all the history of the old West

The afternoon spent at The Discovery was hours of fun and I can’t wait to go back.  Maybe even take a date to explore some more, we shall see. We all need to let our inner child play like I did today.  Perfect place for some friends to family fun.  I hope you discover it for yourself soon. nvdm.org

After  hours at play, I wanted something sweet like a treat … The Baked Bear in Sparks was calling my name.  (They also have locations in Reno and South Lake Tahoe.)

The smell of fresh baked cookies hit me as soon as I walked in the front door.  That made it harder to decide.  What do I want?  A cookie bowl, or a cookie sandwich?  What kind of cookie?  What kind of iced cream flavor?  Did I want it smothered in anything or plain?  So many choices.

I went for what I describe as traditional. A good old chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla iced cream and a big spoon to eat it with.  These portions are so large I should have shared it.  Next time!  And yes, there will be a next time and another time after that.  I sat there and watched all the different ways people ordered.  From sprinkles to colorful flavors.  Endless options and every single one looked delicious.  Good thing they are open daily until 10 p.m.  All this Baked Bear talk is making me want some right now.  See you there! thebakedbear.com


By: Rylee Spinks