#Allforourcity is about right!

It’s not soccer anymore … its football.  Not your American football but American soccer.

Hi, I’m Rylee and I’m a new ambassador for Getaway Reno/Tahoe.  I wanted to share with you my first out about town event — a Reno1868 FC game.  It was my first professional soccer game and was such a fun experience. WAIT, it’s called football, I must remember that.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we entered the Greater Nevada stadium property to watch the Reno 1868 FC take on The Phoenix Rising FC. First off, can I just say they have a fan club like I’ve never witnessed at any type of game.  Their fans come fully dressed in the team colors (Go blue and gold!). Hats, face make up, flags and LOTS of LOUD band chanting music.  They had more energy than I do on a good day.  Cheers filled the air before even walking into the stadium and kept strong through the end of the game.  You couldn’t help but clap and smile as you felt this immense good energy radiate through the stadium.  Chanting “All for our City” which is their hashtag for the team.  Be sure to follow Reno1868 FC on Instagram and Facebook to see more of the fans in action. #allforourcity


By: Rylee Spinks