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best breakfast in san diego

Start your day with the
Vietnamese Chicken Wing Breakfast Bowl!

Looking for the Best Breakfast in San Diego?

Check out Breakfast Republic!

By Tammy Marx

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a funny question often asked in humor but at North Park’s morning gem, Breakfast Republic, you can have your chicken AND your eggs on the same plate!

Not to mention you can have your eggs with creamy, cheesy shrimp and grits, savory jambalaya or spicy Vietnamese chicken wings!

Johan Engman, the enigmatic and charmingly handsome owner of Breakfast Republic, wants it just that way. In chatting with him over beers and breakfast, his goal was to bring a global approach to the worn out breakfast menu, pushing the a.m. flavor envelope to new heights.

Lucky visitors will enjoy the playful side of life when eating at BR with tables topped with cracked egg shell, salt and pepper shakers, a vibrant plant wall and thoughtfully prepared coffee on the street for those waiting to eat. No detail was missed in the ambiance and half the fun for visitors is viewing all breakfast-themed scenery of the restaurant.

Johan’s travels and playful nature inspired the fabulously flavorful dishes on BR’s extensive menu. S’mores French toast and pineapple upside-down pancakes will amply satisfy any sweet tooth. The flight of beers and sausages are outstanding for those who just can’t decide what to order from the pleasingly packed menu.

best breakfast in san diego

Fill up with a hearty helping
of bacon and egg mac and cheese!

San Diegans are famous for their love of healthy, organic meals and Breakfast Republic does not disappoint with a satisfying dish of silky, house made yogurt, fresh sweet berries and granola to die for! To round out a healthy meal, try the flight of local, organic antioxidant juice shots.

Scrambles and omelets are packed with delicious cheeses, proteins and veggies. Breakfast meatloaf, mac and cheese, and turkey meatball hash marry with eggs to create the perfect yolk between breakfast and dinner.

The drink offerings are stacked at BR with several local beers on tap, copious house-crafted cocktails, coffee drinks topped with sweet pillows of whipped cream, and of course, creative mimosas and juice drinks.

No matter what your flavor, guests of Breakfast Republic will find some of the best breakfast in the city and a good laugh to get your morning moving. Come in today and prepare to get a little egg on your face in the tastiest, most creative way.

*Images courtesy of Alternative Strategies

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