Donut Worry, Be Happy!

Does your life need a little more sweetness? Donut worry about where to get your next fix, we have some sugary options that will sweeten any visit.

You did what?!
Glazed and Confused has an edgy twist that pushes your limits on what a “normal” donut is around South Lake Tahoe. Your favorite cereals, flavors and toppings have joined together to create a flavor explosion. There’s the Vincent VanDough, Pretzel Body Logic (sweet, salty AND savory with maple, pretzels and bacon) and Tootie Frooty to name a few. Hop online to check out more of their unusual and delicious donut combinations! You can get donuts delivered or visit their new storefront at Sidelines Sports Pub inside the Beach Retreat and Lodge. Remember to order the day before for next day delivery.

Leave it to the French

If donuts with no holes are more your style, make sure to introduce your taste buds to these French quarter traditional “doughnuts.”  They’re a little French donut hole, served with powdered sugar, or confectioners sugar (if we are going to keep it proper). Homage in Reno makes their dough the day before so it can relax overnight before it’s cut and fried to order.  If you want to think healthy thoughts while diving into Riva Grill’s Deep Fried Oreo beignet in South Lake Tahoe, Oreos are vegan friendly so just tell your mind some of the ingredients are the same as eating a salad, maybe? Bleu Café in Carson City’s beignet is shaped like a crescent, filled with a sweet and tangy lemon curd and topped with confectioners sugar, of course.;;

Anything but normal

These little donut holes, we mean “fried dough balls” or Zeppolis are paired with salty caramel, raspberry and chocolate ganache dipping sauces at Wild River Grille in Reno. The Nocciola at AleWorx in South Lake Tahoe is like a donut, but not! It’s a nutella and banana-filled calzone served with vanilla bean ice cream, whoa.  And while ice cream is on my mind, have you ever thought about making your own ice cream sandwich? But we’re staying with our theme here, so how about a donut ice cream sandwich? Baked Bear has three yummy locations, so there’s no excuse on how far you have to travel! Enjoy 12 craft ice cream flavors ranging from traditional to crazy, baked from scratch cookies to makes your personal ice cream sandwich OR add two donuts to bring your ice cream sandwich game to a hole new level. It’s a totally interactive experience watching the ice cream ”smoosh” into a sandwich!;;

Fahrenheit 400’

If you’re down for more than just eating your sweets, Mix Bakeshop offers classes on baking your favorite pies! Pies are circles, donuts are circles. J Wow your friends and family with your new skills or just head on in and leave with fresh cupcakes, cookies and pies to enjoy at home!


Whether your taste buds desire an array of creative toppings today or you have a traditional sweet tooth tomorrow, Reno/Tahoe will satisfy all your donut-filled desires.



By: Nicole Marsel