Fun in San Diego: North Park's West Coast Tavern and True North Tavern

Looking for Fun in San Diego?

Try North Park! Recommended stop? West Coast Tavern and True North Tavern, both located half a block from the center of North Park.

fun in san diegoWest Coast Tavern

(619) 295-1688
2895 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

With its theatrical and animated ambiance, West Coast Tavern is a common stop for the North Park locals. The patio, which comes alive at night with its mesmerizing fire pit tables, is situated on the main street where the nightlife does not stop.

Popular on their menu are the West Coast Fries, which come with an exceptional tangy aioli sauce that keeps clientele going back for more.

One of the most worthwhile finds from their menu are the Chilean Black Mussels, served just right with a garlic basted baguette. And for those who enjoy a relaxing drink with their brunch, West Coast offer some of the most interesting drinks in the area, such as the Hair of the Dog. This drink’s creativity, served in a paper bag with a side of bacon, is one of the many things that makes this a must-go-to location.

fun in san diego

Unforgettable Loaded Tots!

True North Tavern

(619) 291-3815

3815 30th Street, 

North Park , CA

A sports bar located in the heart of North Park, True North Tavern is a combined restaurant, bar, and game room which offers you an exciting experience. More than just a simple pool table in the room, this location provides its patrons with a stack of board games with which to pass the time; most impressively is the giant Jenga that towers over any player under five feet.

This pleasant atmosphere has a gated outdoor area, when combined with their large draft beer selection and a warm summer day, creates an undoubted sense of happiness. To top it off, True North offers the unforgettable loaded tots, which comes with your choice of carne asada, chicken and bacon, shredded BBQ pork, or chili. Out of the many establishments North Park has to offer, this is one of the most entertaining. Edited by: Dawn-Renee Rice


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