Pixeled Petals

Spring in the Sierra has its own sense of magic, a type of experience that embraces a great awakening that is unique to its own. Witnessing this arise gives talented photographers endless direction and opportunity to capture these wondrous scenes.

AJ Marino, of Tahoe Media Collective, specializes in outdoor and environmental filmmaking and uses his conscious mission to create stunning images and time-lapse videos. His photo of the famous Lake Tahoe lupines was taken at Lake Forest Beach in Tahoe City, a place where photographers flock during the spring months. tahoemediacollective.com

Lake Forest Beach isn’t just popular during the day. Its nightime beaches are a stargazer’s dream. On display at The Eadington Gallery in Tahoe City,Michael Eadington’s photo of the Milky Way and the Lupines is something you can actually see with your own eyes with the absence of nighttime lights. His photography speaks volumes and truly gives his audience a glimpse of being there in the moment. theeadingtongallery.com

Dotty Molt is a visionary leader in local floral and landscape photography. Her passion for the outdoors speaks volumes and she is devoted to delivering iconic photos, or “flowers with a view” as she calls them. She elegantly captures the “the tiny dots that come together to form beautiful images filled with light and color.” The flowers in her work almost seem to explore the many trails around Mt. Rose both the Nevada high desert and beautiful Lake Tahoe in view. carpepixels.com

Spring is the season to embrace the longer days and admire the beauty of the great outdoors!


By: Mikaila Bird