San Diego Best Restaurants: Harney Sushi

Harney Sushi
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By Sherry Rosner

Enjoy dining out in Old Town at this San Diego best restaurant! You can’t go wrong in this enchanting part of the city with all of the history and fine Mexican food and tequila. But hidden among all the carne asada, chile relleno and Añejo tequilas lies a little diamond in the rough situated on Harney Street called Harney Sushi.

When you think of Old Town, the furthest thing from your mind is a sushi joint. But rest assured, like most San Diego restaurants in this neighborhood, Harney Sushi is not run-of the mill. If ordinary is what you are looking for then a visit to a casual chain restaurant is fine. But, if you want a completely unique experience and exceptional food, then you have found what you are looking for.

I ran into this place accidentally a few years back, and after making numerous visits it has never disappointed. To start with, the food is fantastic! I am not sure where they found these sushi chefs, but they sure know their way around seafood. The restaurant is also very cozy making you feel like you’re part of one big group.

Private Dining Available
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It’s not advertised, but they do have some private booths hidden away. I went there on a double date, and the host gave us one of these lovely tables without us asking. The seats were so comfy and adorned with beautiful throw pillows; we didn’t want to leave so we ended up spending most of the night drinking sake and chatting. And speaking of sake, they have a fabulous sake, wine and cocktail menu, and for you beer fans, they offer some local and imported beers.

The best thing about Harney Sushi is the ambiance; it has low lighting, but you can still see what you are eating and in the evenings they have a D.J. spinning good music. I am no music buff, but I have always enjoyed his selections which are usually reggae or electronic lounge music.

They usually have a long line in the evenings and especially on the weekends. However, they will take your cell phone number down giving you a chance to check out some of the local watering holes while you wait. I suggest a nice aperitif while you wait because the menu is huge. You’ll want to try everything from the sake oyster shooter tray to the delicious Old Town Roll. You can view their menu here and start planning ahead!


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