San Diego Mexican Cuisine at Little Italy's Bracero Cocina

san diego mexican cuisine

Bracero’s Chef Javier Plascencia
(Image courtesy of Alternative Strategies)

Enjoy Tasty San Diego Mexican Cuisine

At the One and Only Bracero Cocina in Little Italy!

Have you been wondering what else there is to eat in Little Italy besides pasta and chicken marsala?

Well, trust me when I say that the newly opened Bracero Cocina De Raiz will satisfy that burning desire for the scrumptious and the exciting!

San Diego’s Art district is home to a new fine dining adventure; a project born from a passion to showcase and share with the masses the culinary delights of real homemade Mexican cuisine.

Brocero also pays homage to the Mexican laborers who used their two arms and the strength of their backs to transform the U.S. horticulture into the land of plenty. Thanks to sought-after Tijuana Chef Javier Plascencia and his partner, Director Luis Daniel Peña for bringing the elegant and culture-stimulating Bracero to life!

san diego mexican cuisine

Warm and inviting atmosphere!
(Image courtesy of Alternative Strategies)

A close friend and I recently found out just how Bracero can wow the senses and plant a seed of yearning in your heart to return.

Located in a coveted part of Little Italy, which is the crowning jewel in San Diego’s downtown empire, Bracero’s architecture itself is a work of art.

Walking in, we were greeted to our left by our beautiful young hostess, who seated us immediately.

Lovely soft lights are strung with care through the downstairs dining room that opens in front to the alluring patio outside.

Upstairs, the huge outdoor/indoor bar and spacious open patio reign supreme to anyone on the block. Clean and modern decor with hints of Mexican culture are found throughout the place as I scanned our surroundings.

The menus were explained to my friend Phil and me by our lively server. There are cold dishes and hot dishes to choose from. We decided drinks are a good way to start the night! The Javier Wallbanger sounded good to me. It’s an enticing blend of Blanco Tequila, Galliano, lemon, orange, vanilla and Allspice dram.

san diego mexican cuisine

Coconut Flan – a delicious indulgence!
(Image courtesy of Alternative Strategies)

Phil chose the Mahalo Guey to start, which is green tea-infused rum, Kalani coconut, lime and Orgeat.

Those are just two of the tasty creations served up by Superstar Mixologist, Christian Siglin. Good to the last drop!

If you’re craving something light and refreshing but filling at the same time, I would recommend the Shrimp Green Machine Ceviche Tostada and the Sea of Cortez Callo De Hacha (scallops). Let me tell you, I’m pretty picky when it comes to Ceviche and these guys hit it out of the park!

For the heavy hitting hot dishes, we tried and fell in love with the Shrimp and Bone Marrow Sopes first. Next up we had to taste the Albondigas with Crispy Brisket and Shortribs, which was just as lovely to eat as it was to look at! Presentation at Bracero is really something to behold. Phil ordered the Caja China Lamb Roasted Asado and was so impressed, he was reluctant to share!

To end our night out, we were eager to sink our spoons into the delectable Coconut Flan, complete with sweet peach slices and special sauce. Every bite was a sweet creamy dream. You’ll be inspired and fulfilled by the time you leave Bracero, a place you’ll want to go and spoil your senses.

By: Janea Leaf

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