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at Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar 

Looking for delicious San Diego seafood? Contrbuting writer Marci Pascua writes about her experience at Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar, named one of the best new restaurants of 2014 by


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Tasty Oysters – the Perfect Appetizer!

If there is one thing San Diego is well known for it’s the array of watercraft that grace the harbors and nearby ocean. With the many branches of the military bases nearby, it’s not uncommon to see massive ships cruise by. But most locals don’t get to experience what’s inside the walls of these ships.

Now, there is one restaurant in the San Diego community of Little Italy that makes you feel like you’re dining inside the belly of a massive boat – Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar.

A visit to this restaurant is a truly exciting dining experience starting from the eclectic decor, like the giant wall of piranha skulls, to the saloon-like bar where you have to climb a rolling ladder to get to the higher shelves. I’m telling you, the wall of wine and spirits is breathtaking.

Most of the wait staff are dressed like deckhands with bushy beards and beanies, and they move about the dining room as if always in a hurry. But this is what defines this place; the unique style also brings about a unique taste in every dish.

My friend had already been to the Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar, so he was able to give me some tips on the best appetizers and dishes to try. We started off with the crab cake and the Octopus A La Plancha with chorizo, as well as the oyster plate. It came with five different types of oysters, each one with a different delicate flavor.

We certainly enjoyed our starters while taking in our surroundings. Every table was booked up with guests, and the air was full of laughter and good conversation. There were families, lovers, friends and acquaintances all enjoying themselves and the welcoming atmosphere.

san diego seafood

The Lobster Roll

Next up was our entrees. He opted for the breaded delight they call the Lobster Roll, a bread roll stuffed with brown butter, crispy onions and the most savory lobster that melts in your mouth and crumbles with every bite.

I went for a lighter fare of Grilled Sea Bass with stone crab and fava beans in a spring onion broth. The fish was tender and flaky and soaked up the sauce like a sponge.

We concluded our meal with something sweet, and decided to share the berry cobbler with coffee ice cream on top. What a treat that was!

Even if you aren’t looking for a full meal, Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar is a great spot for appetizers, or a nice cocktail or frothy brew. They have the perfect happy hour for seafood lovers with $1 oysters and specials on starters and drinks.

But the best part of Ironside Fish & Oyster is its location. Little Italy is a must-see community of San Diego, and it’s worth wandering through to see the authentic Italian shops with the smell of olive oil and fresh bread lingering in the air.

By: Marci Pascua


*Images courtesy of H2 Publications

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