San Diego Sightseeing: Get Fast and Furious!

San Diego Sightseeing with Xtreme Adventures

san diego sightseeing, exotic car tour

Get fast and furious with Xtreme Adventures!

There you are San Diego sightseeing, cruising down streets lined with palm trees in a red convertible Ferrari.

The sun is shining on your face, wind is in your hair, and a 490 horsepower engine answers to the slightest nudge of your foot on the gas pedal as you speed away from the flash of paparazzi.

Ok, maybe there’s no paparazzi chasing after you, but the rest of your fantasy can be a memorable reality courtesy of Xtreme Adventures!

Select a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or Audi, then choose your extreme adventure: exotic car rental, day cruise tour, or a thrilling performance driving session.

Exotic Rental:  Sure you can Uber or rent the standard tourist convertible Chrysler Sebring to go out on the town. Or, you can have a sexy supercar delivered to your hotel for you to explore the city in high style. Choose from a bright red Ferrari F430 Spider or a striking yellow Lamborghini Gallardo V10 Spyder, drop the top, raise the RPMs, and watch heads turn on your way to wherever you fancy. WARNING: You may be unable to resist the urge to post a selfie…or three.

Exotic Car Tour:  Test out four supercars, pick your favorite, grab your best co-pilot and take off for a fabulous two-hour tour along the coast or through winding mountain roads (yes, there are mountains nearby with epic views). Caravan with up to four other supercars, and follow a guide who takes you to the best streets so you can open up and experience the superiority of your vehicle. Don’t be surprised if you get goose bumps the first time you hear the signature growl of a supercar leap from 0-60 mph in seconds. It’s beautiful music to any car enthusiast’s ears!

san diego sightseeing, exotic car tour

Take a tour of San Diego unlike no other!

While driving their phenomenal cars is the real treat of the tour, you speed by some pretty spectacular San Diego scenery along the way, so don’t forget to look around as it blurs by. The tour is definitely an exciting and unique way to see San Diego.  WARNING: You and your co-pilot may involuntarily whoop and giggle throughout the tour.

Exotic Autocross Challenge:  This. Is. AWESOME.  Forget the open roads and envious stares. For a truly epic adrenaline rush, head to the closed course and really test your performance driving skills. Choose from a line-up of gorgeous, shiny supercars rumbling on the track.

Pick between two coned courses, each presenting a different driving challenge. Then select your driving coach, including professional race car drivers and trainers. These guys are legit…and very brave.

Set up the GoPro, buckle in, and give a little rev to unleash the throaty growl unique to these incredible cars. Your coach will give you instructions on how to use the shift paddles, the best way to handle the curves, and how to control the speed (hint: you don’t use the brakes – ever).

san diego sightseeing, exotic car tour

Speed through five thrilling laps of fun!

When the track is clear you’ll slowly approach the course, which is almost impossible because the cars are so light and responsive. Once on the track your coach will say, “Get it!” and you’re off!

With the pedal to the medal, back forced against the seat, hands white knuckled on the wheel, and a ridiculous grin plastered on your face, the RPMs skyrocket until your coach tells you to hit the paddle shifter just in time for the first curve.

Then, your told when to turn and accelerate to expertly negotiate the curves without losing time (there’s a secret to it – but you’re going to have to find it out for yourself!).

You fly around the course as fast as you can, trying not to take out cones, and getting better with each lap. There’s no speed limit, no traffic, no hazards…it’s just you driving fast and furious for five thrilling laps. And it is SO FUN! You gotta try it. WARNING: It may cause addiction.

Check out to reserve your super fun driving experience while you’re in San Diego. There’s an adventure for everyone!

By Alisa Kerr

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