Take a Top Rated San Diego Tour for Your Taste Buds!

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Take a fun foodie tour with Bite San Diego!
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Bite San Diego Tour…

Top Rated Food Tour!

By: Marci Pascua

Since becoming a San Diego transplant 10 years ago, food was just food. It wasn’t until I moved here that I truly found out what good food was all about.

This food-filled tour with Bite San Diego is a fabulous event that lets you explore some of San Diego’s most well-known cities while sampling some eclectic and out-of-the-ordinary food.

I decided to try out the La Jolla Walking Tour because it was on the top of my list as one of the most unexplored territories out of all the tours that I needed to experience.

David, our tour guide, was high energy and quite knowledgeable. His charisma and attitude during the entire walking tour truly showed us his passion for people and food. Depending on the tour, the places you go for tastings can change but La Jolla has stayed fairly consistent.

I met my walking tour group and guide off the beaten path at Ohana Café off Pearl Street. Ohana Café is known for their authentic Hawaiian cuisine, and our “bite” included the tasty jasmine coconut rice with saffron and teriyaki chicken. This was one restaurant I plan to visit next time I come to La Jolla.

We took a stroll into downtown La Jolla — first stopping to admire the Contemporary Museum of Art. Did you know it was once the home of philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps (major donor to Scripps institutions) and designed by the noted architect Irving Gill?

It was nice to learn some history along the way, but we were all excited to get to our next destination, Richard Walker’s Pancake House.

They offer over a hundred types of pancakes and breakfast foods and even one of my all-time favorites — Dutch babies and German pancakes.

It’s a flaky pancake soaked in lemon and brushed with powdered sugar. But for this tour, we had a “bite” of their world famous apple pancake — so sweet and delicious.

Next stop was Mary’s English Kitchen. It’s a lovely and quaint English-style restaurant with real scones and a great place for a tea party. During our short time here, it was fun to see groups of ladies sipping tea and having a nice time.

Our last stop at We Olive was, in my opinion, an interesting stop of the Bite Tour.  This was a gourmet olive oil shop that also hosted vinegars, mustards and a wine bar. I’ve never had tastings of olive oil so this was a treat. I enjoy olive oils in many flavors, especially when paired with equally delicious gourmet vinegars.

I got the infamous “Tuscan Tickle” in the back of my throat from taste testing high grade olive oil. This comes from a concentrated amount of oleocanthal, a compound with similar affects to ibuprofen and reduces inflammation.

I could get used to a Mediterranean diet. They enjoy wine and olive oil in large quantities and have the lowest heart disease in the world.

I walked out with a lemon olive oil, basil olive oil, blackberry vinegar and a wasabi mustard. It’s worth noting that most imported olive oils are not all olive oil.

Many are diluted with animal fats and other oils, so you need to make sure they have the seal of approval from California.

I’m proud to say we make the best olive oils in the world. I can’t wait to use my goodies and make some great dishes.

Many of the others in my tour group stayed at the wine bar to relish in a fun day. The Bite Tour was a wonderful experience, especially when you get to meet new people and try food you wouldn’t normally choose.

The best part of the day was the extra tour we were all granted to try out another Bite Tour of our choice. But honestly, this was a cool idea for the day and is a nice alternative to eating out with friends and family.


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