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Speed through the water on a San Diego tour with Speed Boat Adventures!

So, you’re coming to San Diego and you want an activity that will give you an authentic feel for the true spirit of the city AND is super fun.

If that’s your mission then the first thing you need to do is get in the  water! San Diego is defined by its amazing ocean access, rich maritime heritage, and deep naval tradition, all of which is showcased on an exciting speed boat tour with Speed Boat Adventures.

Hang on for a thrilling two hour circumnavigation of the San Diego Bay to see some of San Diego’s waterfront highlights.

While jetting along in your sporty, two-man speed boat you get front-row exposure to the amazing natural resources surrounding the city, while sailboats and pleasure craft cut through the water around you, and the monumental vessels of the US Navy cruise by.

Our tour started with a comprehensive overview and safety briefing by our guide Zach.  His slow and measured delivery, coupled with all the right details, gives even the most novice boatman confidence to operate the small craft. We were then assigned our two-man mini speedboat, and gently pulled away from the dock like a little string of ducks following Zach as he coached us along through a speaker in our boat.

Gliding through the marina just above idle is a wonder for any boat enthusiast, and the tens of millions of dollars of luxury craft with their witty monikers are truly a sight to behold. If you love the water and boats, you could be content just puttering among the slips all afternoon.

Before we knew it, we were on to the bay and Zach instructed us to accelerate full-speed ahead. The boat needed a little coaxing to get going but once the bow planed out we were off! The mini-speedboats are fast and agile enough to make you involuntarily giggle with excitement while you’re bouncing along the water, but sturdy and stable enough that even a beginner would not be overwhelmed.  As you cruise along, Zach provides positive feedback and a brief background of all the interesting waterfront sites as you pass them by.

san diego tours

Awesome views of the bay and the navy ships heading out to sea!

After our exhilarating ride at full speed across the northern end of our route, our first stop was both a historical monument, and a natural wonder. San Diego has a rich history of tuna fishing and the remnants of that industry still abound.

One set of these floating docks has been confiscated by tons of sea lions and cormorants. Imagine slowly meandering feet from these 500+ pound behemoths as they bark and bask in the sun. Nature doesn’t get any closer than that!

Looping back towards the famous Coronado Bridge, the incredible sights seemed to just pile up around us, making it hard to concentrate on just one amazing view. A sailboat regatta crossed our path as we jetted to the other side of the bay.

They were on their down-wind leg, with the spinnakers taut against the wind. It was like having front row seats to a colorful parade. On the other side of the sails we were met by an intimidating Navy Destroyer heading out to sea, with sailors lining the decks, and followed by a huge wake that sent us flying.

As we continued on, we cruised by the USS Ronald Reagan at the North Island Naval Base on the Island of Coronado. We slowed to gawk at it from a mere 50 yards while we switched drivers of the speed boat.  With a new driver at the wheel, we accelerated the little boat back up to full speed and splashed toward the Coronado Bay Bridge, an iconic emblem that towers between San Diego and Coronado at staggering heights to allow air craft carriers to safely pass under.

We now looped back north, traversing the entire downtown area of San Diego to see the magnificent skyline from the unique and beautiful perspective of water level before slowing to cruise by the floating maritime museum. The centerpiece to this tribute is the USS Midway.

Annually, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to climb through its passageways, and walk the runway viewing the aircraft permanently on display on its deck. However, seeing the carrier from the water is truly awesome.  Zach skillfully guided us right under the huge 40 ton gold anchors and the soaring bow of the warship. There’s no other way to get a perspective of how massive these ships are than from our sea-level vantage point.

Having seen the best of the bay, we sped safely back to our starting point at the marina smiling all along the way.  A tour with Speed Boat Adventures is definitely a fun and unique way to see San Diego’s amazing waterfront sites!

By: Jason C. Anderson

Contributions by Alisa N. Kerr

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