Scenic Swings: The beauty of Lake Tahoe Golf Course

As an avid golfer, there are a few things on my must-have list when it comes to the ideal course: Friendly staff, views galore and a challenging but enjoyable game. The moment I walked into the clubhouse at Lake Tahoe Golf Course I knew my round would be amazing no matter my final score.

Greeted by Kevin Sommerfeld, general manager at Lake Tahoe Golf Course, we first strolled the grounds as he told me about all the great things happening around the course.  We talked about the spectacular 18 holes, great views and the events they host.  From bachelor parties (which I saw first hand) to weddings and banquets, this course hosts amazing events complete with a snazzy dance floor!  Nothing says fun like a great location with spectacular views.

Speaking of those sights, let’s talk about some of the best panoramas you’ll find on any golf course around.

Walk out to the first tee for an inspired 360-degree scene — the only reason you’ll remember you’re playing golf and not sightseeing is the driver in your hand. Straight ahead off the tee, you’ll see Dick’s Peak and Mount Tallac. Okay, time to focus and hit that opening tee shot.

The landscape only continues to impress. About the time you drive up to hole six your jaw will drop while looking at the stunning Truckee River. Nothing will beat trying to knock down that 10-foot birdie putt with the mesmerizing view of the river right in front of you. I hope you knock it in with ease! Making the turn onto the back nine, you may find many shots hard to hit as you stare at the river flowing by sky-high snow-capped mountains. You might even spot a kayaker, or two.

When it comes to a challenging but enjoyable course, this is the place. The front nine is open — you can grip it and rip it like John Daly.  The back nine brings target golf into play.  Sure, you can still grip and rip, but the risk/reward game becomes part of your thought process along with those views. This course is setup for everyone to play with multiple tee boxes so it won’t matter if you’re a single digit handicapper or a first-time player, you’ll enjoy this course. To add even more entertainment, they have footgolf after 5 p.m.  Nothing says family fun or an exciting date night like a round of footgolf.

Lake Tahoe Golf Course is a reasonably priced showstopper. After your memorable round, as you relax on the patio taking in all that surrounds you while drinking their signature Happier Gilmore, you will surely agree life does not get any better.

Lake Tahoe Golf Course
2500 Emerald Bay Rd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


By: Richard “Dickie” Peraldo