I scream. You scream. We all scream for untraditional ice cream!

Gone are the days of three scoops atop a sugar cone. Well, not completely. In my book, nothing quite tops a heaping bowl of the chilly, creamy goodness. And there are several local joints putting their spin on ice cream confections. Let us show you a few great spots to chill out and enjoy some frosty treats in Reno/Tahoe.

Flavorful finds

Huckleberry. Salted chocolate lavender. Bleu cheese, balsamic swirl. Area ice cream chefs have been awfully busy in the kitchen with seemingly endless infusion options resulting in some truly creative, sometimes a little whacky (but in a good way), frozen menu options. Icecyle Creamery has two locations in Reno and their list of flavors is as eclectic as the buildings you’ll find them in. With several locations in Reno and appearing at various food truck happenings around town, Bibo Coffee Company’s Bibo Freddo is a delicious option for gourmet gelato. icecyclecreamery.com; bibocoffeecompany.com

In the mood for some good ol’ vanilla or mint chocolate chip? Head to the Ice Cream Parlor at Camp Richardson Resort in South Lake Tahoe. There’s nothing better than cruising the lake shore with an ice cream sundae in hand. camprichardson.com

For those 21+ ice cream connoisseurs, Winey Monkeys is a must! You probably guessed it, but they serve the best spiked sorbets, ice cream and even wine floats. Look for them at many of the great local food events. wineymunkies.com

Unusual consumption

Ditch the spoon at Baked Bear in South Tahoe, Reno and Sparks. Here you can customize the most delicious ice cream sandwich you will ever have! Choose between fresh-baked cookies, brownies or donuts for your outer layers, then fill with craft ice cream and a slew of tasty toppings. Then the magic happens — they warm it up with a hot press that makes the outside toasty while the inside remains nice and cool. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! thebakedbear.com

If you haven’t tried traditional Thai rolled ice cream, you should definitely go to Rolled Mountain Creamery. You can choose between a dairy- or coconut milk-based treat and several fresh ingredients as you watch them prepare the wondrous dessert. My favorite is the peaches n’ cream with coconut milk, crushed peaches, whipped cream, caramel sauce and teddy grahams.  It’s so good. rolledmountaincreamery.com

Sno-flake Drive-in in South Lake Tahoe serves the traditional goodies of yesteryear complete with the cute trays that attach to your car window. While the ice cream may be familiar, this place will take you back to the days of poodle skirts and sock hops. @SnoFlakeDriveIn

Sold from a solar-powered bicycle, Sweet Spokes popsicles are another scrumptious option. Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients for their handcrafted pops, Sweet Spokes makes appearances throughout the Sierra at festivals, farmers markets, and special events. sweetspokespops.com

Whether you want to get adventurous with your treat or stick to something tried and true, head to many of the great ice cream shops in the Sierra. And watch out for brain freeze!


By: Heidi Bethel