Shopping San Diego: Find the Coolest Shoes Around!

Find the Perfect Shoe While Shopping San Diego

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Getaway Guy Jeff Trying on Shoes!

Looking for the perfect shoe for exploring San Diego? Before you head to the beach or walk around seeing the sights, pay a visit to Carlsbad where you’ll find Coolest Shoes in California!

They have tons of styles to choose from and plenty of colorful options. You can find the perfect shoe that offers comfort and breathability, too!

Are you shopping for yourself, a loved one, or your family? Don’t worry, there are plenty of choices for men, women, and children to walk around in style.

Choose from brands such as Bernie Mev, FitFlops, NoSox, Riders, Glagla, Softwalk and more while you browse the store. The shoes offered online and through their store in the Village of Carlsbad are cool, innovative, and comfortable.  Your feet will stay happy and healthy with these lightweight footwear options that offer breathability for your active life.

You can choose from a myriad of shoes to fit your lifestyle that range from being water-friendly and machine washable like the Glagla shoe, or durable and extra cushioned like the stylish Bernie Mev slip-on elasticized Mary Jane style shoe.

shopping san diego, getaway san diego, shopping in san diego, beach shoes

Even Kids can “Chooze” a Shoe!

Flip-flops take on a whole new look and feel with the FitFlop that offers a sleek, minimal metallic microfiber-lined patent upper with an embellished strip of three shiny resin stones over your instep.

The Coolest Shoes in California also offer another unique option to casual footwear with the ToeSox brand bohemian-style sandal.

Made with a comfy yoga mat foot bed, elastic toe separators to gently align your toes, and a foot bed that cradles the heel for proper positioning and comfort, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud!

Kids can join in on the shoe revolution with fun and playful options like Chooze® for kids, where you’ll notice that the left shoe is slightly different from the right shoe to celebrate difference and creativity. You can also choose Gagla brand shoes for your little one, which can be worn with or without socks and are washable.

Whatever type or color of shoe you choose to buy, Coolest Shoes in California have plenty for you to choose from when you decide to go shopping in San Diego.

By: Dawn-Renee Rice

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