There’s No Place Like Home — Winter Edition

A tribute to the places in Reno/Tahoe that we miss dearly.

In our Fall 2018 issue, I divulged a bit about my family and our adventure living in Kansas in a travel trailer with a two year old while my husband attends Army Command and General Staff College. (Phew, that’s a mouthful. My apologies, dear reader.) While the walls of our tiny home on wheels may be closing in on us, there are several comforts of home that continue to hold a warm spot in our hearts. Here’s a look at some of the places we would go if we could trade places with you at this very moment …

Sierra tastes

The wintry months can be bone chilling, even in Reno/Tahoe. I’ve always enjoyed the toasty goodness served in porcelain at bibo coffee co., with several locations in the Biggest Little City. And, you can’t beat a piping hot bowl of pho. I absolutely love to dress my giant tureen filled with meat, veggies and perfectly seasoned broth at My Thai & Noodle in South Lake Tahoe.;

Home means Nevada

Yes, it’s our state song and The Killers perform a great cover, but it’s also the name of a local clothing brand that makes, well, killer souvenirs. Home Means Nevada Co., with a storefront in the Southcreek Shopping Center in South Reno, has outfitted our family before our son was even born. Head here for a great hoodie, cap or t-shirt and let everyone know that you had an amazing time out our way!

Get outside

One of our favorite places to go this time of year is Chickadee Ridge located within the Tahoe Meadows on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Snowshoe up the mountainside where you’ll find chickadees, small, native birds that are trained to land in your hand, and sweeping views of the area. Across the trailhead and Mt. Rose Highway, you can also get some serious sledding in.

There are so many great ski resorts to choose from, too. My dad is an expert ski coach and former World Cup racer — he and my stepmom head this way from Minnesota every year for some of the best slopes in the world. Full disclosure, I was not graced with the skiing gene and it takes me a shot of schnapps before I can take my first run, but the myriad of hills and lodges will not disappoint. I recommend you experience a few around the area and checkout our Ski Guide on page 18 for a full list of options.

So, did all that talk about living in a travel trailer and surviving winter in a new part of the country intrigue you? Checkout previous editions of the There’s No Place Like Home series on, just search for Getaway Reno/Tahoe. Enjoy!


By: Heidi Bethel