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Top Restaurants in San Diego

Have you ever imagined how delightful it must feel to be a coastal local? Ignite Bistro & Wine Spot makes that dream a reality. Not only does it feel like your neighborhood hangout, it’s also one of the top restaurants in San Diego with a spectacular view and one of the most unique menus I’ve ever seen.

top restaurants in san diego

Sweet and Spicy – The Man Candy!

The casual, family friendly atmosphere is complemented with a lush outdoor patio that would upgrade any romantic rendezvous.

The giant picture windows lining the dining room create a spectacular ambiance for any occasion. The staff feels like family, and the food tastes like candy…literally. Candied bacon is their signature ingredient!

I didn’t know where to begin when I looked at the menu, because everything looked so amazing. So, I started from the top and worked my way down. The Mule train was the first thing that caught my eye.

They have an extensive list of Mules, all made with Australian Bundaberg Ginger Beer. This mule list has a unique variety of options. They even have a mule made with tequila! All mules can be made “skinny” upon request, so there is no excuse not to try one.

I wanted to make the right decision without ordering ten cocktails. After going through all the mules, and cocktails, I decided I was in the mood for an Ignite Margarita, which is made with roasted pineapple tequila. I could really taste the roasted pineapple with every sip!

My server was so patient with my indecisiveness, and we had so much fun deciding which beverage was right for me. I almost asked her to sit down and have a drink with me because I forgot she was working! This is the kind of experience you’ll have when you visit Ignite.

Abby, my server, acted like a friend and knew the menu back to front. I rarely dine alone, and I was a little bummed about sitting by myself for an entire meal. However, I was actually in excellent company.

Although I had some trouble settling on a drink order, the appetizer was an easy decision – The Man Candy. The name itself is enough to spike curiosity. The Man Candy is candied bacon with a kick of red pepper.

While the recipe may sound simple, I can assure you the taste, texture and overall experience is far from it. Crunchy, chewy, sweet and spicy…I could go on all day. There were so many bold flavors and textures. If you’re a meat eater with a sweet tooth, I think I may have discovered your El Dorado of bacon.

top restaurants in san diego

Try their oysters from their Oyster Bar. You won’t regret it!

While it may feel like your friendly “restaurant next door,” the quality and variety of this menu boasts otherwise. Everything is made fresh. Their oysters from their oyster bar are shucked daily in house.

They even have an Oyster Hour. Try the crispy fried oysters, or the Angels on Horseback, which is bacon-wrapped oysters with lemon aioli. You won’t regret it!

Their Italian-inspired, Neapolitan pizza is a must-try if you love authentic Italian cuisine. I decided to stray a bit from the norm, so I ordered the pear and brie pizza. It was the perfect combination of sweet and savory. I would even recommend ordering this as a dessert. I was blown away by the flavor.

As soon as I tried my first bite of the pizza, I knew I would be bringing friends and family back here so they could experience this incredible menu. This is one of those restaurants where everything you try is worth calling home about.

Lastly, I tried the Gorgonzola Steak. They should have a warning next to it reading, “WARNING: This steak will melt in your mouth!”  This succulent 8-ounce filet is worth driving up the coast for. It comes with a side of mashed potatoes with a bit of an Ignite flare. The sides can always be subbed for seasonal veggies, mushrooms, and sweet onions.

Needless to say, I was beyond satisfied, and dessert was absolutely out of the question. But on your visit to Ignite, you’ll have to try the wood fire s’mores dessert, or the Mason jar stuffed with banana cream pie.

This is a restaurant with endless options and an incredibly unique and stylized menu. You can really taste the quality in every sip and bite. Take a trip up the coast to Ignite Bistro & Wine Spot, and indulge in the dining experience of a lifetime.

By: Madison Teague

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