Where to Eat San Diego Food: Viva Bar & Kitchen

Looking for Where to Eat San Diego Food?

Contributing writer Stephanie Lian was on the lookout for where to eat San Diego food and discovered Viva Bar & Kitchen!


where to eat san diego

Nestled sweetly on the corner of 4th Ave and F Street in downtown San Diego the Viva Bar & Kitchen experience was spicy, upbeat and a superbly visual experience all in one.

Greeted promptly, I was seated in an artfully textured and spacious booth. My space was lighted by a descending chandelier piece and candles found off to my side.

Extremely tall ceilings coupled with roof to floor windows created a feeling of roominess and allowed a view of downtown while I ate.

In the center of the restaurant I spotted the full bar which housed seating for upwards of 20 people. At the south end of the bar, four large plasma screens broadcasted the evening sporting event.

Kyle, my server, was energetic, lively, animated and was set with serving skills that made me more than confident about nominating him for our Server of the Month contest! He kept me happy and informed. (see below for info on how when and how to vote for Kyle for Server of the Month!)

Sean, the owner, came out to introduce himself and would intermittently visit my table to share tidbits of interesting information about the menu and the restaurant. Ted Ortega, Viva’s chef asked if he could take the reigns and take me on a savory taste-bud journey.

For my appetizer he sent out a cheeseboard with Artisan Cheeses and cured meats, which complimented my glass of Moscato wine perfectly. Try the Mia Docea Moscato, bursting with sweetness and flavor! They have an incredible list of wines including reds, whites, moscatos, and champagne.

where to eat san diego

Spacious Wine Bar

The spicy mussel plate followed my cheeseboard, with steaming mussels served in a spicy broth with grilled bread for dipping. You cannot miss this one!

The Bistro Filleto was next and was one of my favorites, with Grilled Filet Mignon Medallions on grilled bread with tomato jam and spicy chili’s they pickle in-house.

The spice is the kicker and the filet is tender enough to slice with your teeth. Chef Ortega wrapped it up with deep-fried churro bites, served with warmed caramel and chocolate sauces for dipping. Amazing!

Beau, the manager, joined me briefly for coffee and conversation. Both Beau and Sean visited people at their tables with smiles checking on their diners personally. Visit Viva for brunch on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or happy hour starting at 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sundays.

If you’re feeling a tad daring, come on Wednesdays when they have a special “Hump Day” menu and happy hour is all day!

By: Stephanie Lian 


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