Beaches in San Diego: Solana Beach Cove

By: Lety Banks

Do you think La Jolla Cove is the only cove San Diego has to offer? Think again!

Make your way up the Coast Highway to Solana Beach, and you’ll discover another cozy little cove hidden away in a quaint and quiet Solana neighborhood. Take a short hike down 135 steps to a perfect C-shape cove where you and your family can breathe the salty fresh air for as long as the low tide allows at one of the more charming beaches in San Diego.

This little cove doesn’t have an official name, and that’s the way locals want it. It’s just for them and for you to do what all beach goers do – sit and enjoy the sun near the waves, sit and read a good book while listening to the waves, and make sand castles with the kids away from the waves.

Or, you can play ball between the cliff and the waves, take a short walk along the waves, fish between the waves, snorkel above the waves, surf with the waves, paddle board behind the waves, or kayak up and down the waves!

This little cove at Solana Beach is family and pet friendly and gives you picture-perfect spots whether on sand, rocks, or water. Want to fly a kite? Bring it on and up. Want to have a fun picnic? Bring it down and out. Want to retreat from the world? Come down and away. Want to have a swim? Come on down and in!

You don’t have to worry about the stairs either. You can still enjoy fun adventures at the after a gentle walk down onto the shoreline. From there you have an awesome view of the shoreline, the cliffs, and the cliffhangers. If your feet are sandy as you head back to your car, you’ll find the shower about halfway up the stairs as you leave the beach.

This little “incognito” cove is nestled in the heart of Solana Beach about a mile and a half south of the Cardiff State Beach. Just find Pacific Ave and Solana Vista, and the beach access awaits you two blocks from the Coast Highway.

There is plenty of free street parking, and if you happen to come by bike, park it at the top of the stairs. You can watch the sunset and enjoy the view while you sit on the single camping table; nobody will bother you there.

Since it’s a neighborhood beach, no public restrooms are available, but the facilities at the Cardiff State Beach are just a short walk away. You definitely need to check out this charming little cove: it’s doable, memorable, and enjoyable!

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Edited by: Dawn-Renee Rice

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